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Simon Winthrop is a Professional Magician/Mentalist. He has been performing his corporate trade show magician routines for small groups and large convention centers for over twenty years and over 1000 tradeshows. He is a natural charmer and excellent at generating great excitement at the tradeshow booth of merchandisers/retailers and at drawing up a huge crowd and maximizing sales leads. He is as amazing at performing at VIP and special event private parties as he mingles with the guests and performs his stunning tricks for each group closely, frequently adding a humorous slant to his prestidigitation.

  • Simon often performs in his home city of Las Vegas
  • This is Simon entertaining guests during a stage show
  • Simon was the central entertainment at Jeff Bezos' party

Simon has been hooked on performing magic ever since he was just a boy of five when he had seen his dad showing him some basic tricks in Miami, Florida. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Simon has been performing all over the world as well as the United States. He has an impressive list of movie stars and famous personalities whom he awed with his performances. He has also published a book How to be a Mentalist (Master the Secrets behind the TV Show).

Having a professional Magician or Mindreader at your next sales meeting or tradeshow offers an exhibitor at a convention center or meeting place the ability to maximize their tradeshow and sales goals. Simon guarantees his performance will turn conference attendees into your newest customers in either Las Vegas, NV, Miami, London , Rome, Hong Kong, Thailand, Florida, Los Angeles, California, Dallas Texas.

Simons vegas style magic gets you noticed and rememberd at every single tradeshow.

“We don’t go to a tradeshow anymore without Simon”

Simon’s magic is our secret weapon

“Our sales leads quadrupled with simon’s mindreading performance in Vegas”